Marketing  is largely concerned with visibility and exposure. It pays off  handsomely, but usually over the long term. Public Relations is an  integral part of the marketing mix and can be vital to the success of  any business. At the same time, it is one of the most misunderstood,  misused, and misrepresented functions of business.

The communication of news and information  is crucial to any company in order to expose products and services,  express views, announce plans, and to project a total image of the  organization or an individual. Our motto is  "You cannot win the world  if no one knows you are there".

It is estimated that 48% of today's news comes directly from company  prepared press materials. Advertising, media relations, packaging,  promotional items, events, publicity, and collaterals are all parts of a  public relations program set to establish a market niche, and to become  a leader within an industry. The news resulting from PR efforts can  help a marketer attract new customers, reinforce on-going business  relationships, and influence a marketplace.

Like exercise, your marketing and public relations efforts must be  on-going and continuous. You must consider it an effort for future  business growth. And remember, it is labor intensive.