Past & Present Projects Include:

 Genesis Magazine
Austin Home & Gardens Magazine
Shell Oil
Todd's Restaurant/Bar
Palm Beach Club
Hilton Inn West
Hilton Southwest
Houston International University
Art Beat Gallery
Marathon Express Cafe
Theatre on Wheels
Rainbow E Ranch
Republican National Convention
Christopher Columbus Quincentennary
West African Gateway Insider
Capstone Asset Planning
Houston Heritage Festival
Capstone New Zealand Fund
FCA Corp
Law Office of Andrew Sutton
Name Brand Closeouts
ETR Associates, Inc.
Fort Bend County
Quigley & Associates, Inc.
Baker Hughes
Southwestern Bell Telephone
First Seismic
United Investors Realty Trust
Fred Buxton & Associates
First Commonwealth Mortgage Trust
Continental Airlines
United Media Corporation
Custom Headsets of Texas
Women's Health Specialists of Houston
Dr. Patrick Nicosia
Build A Future Foundation
Pan American
Country Playhouse
International Justice Mission
ML Payton Consultants
East Houston Ob Gyn
CorriganReal Estate Services
Hoggatt Inc.
International Advisory Services
Museum of Fine Arts
Block Trading
City of Houston
Polo Chicken Restaurant
Capstone Japan Fund
Institute of Real Estate Management
Carribean Festival
Wilco Partners, Inc.
Terrace Hotel
First Harbor Group
Minuteman Press
The Compliance Alliance
ProMax Wireless Accessories
Commonwealth Asset Management
Master Networks
Study Smart
Commonwealth International Trust
Arthritist Foundation
Watering Made Easy
Bunker Hill Elementary
Frozen In Thyme
MediaTech Digital Film and Recording Studios
Australian American Chamber of Commerce
Country Playhouse
Cordon Law
Eggleston & Briscoe Law Office
Jarreau Inc.
LMS Inc. Landscape Maintenance Services
Houston Police Department
Houston Protocol
Houston Visitors and Convention Center
Austin Water Utility
CAMPO Commute Solutions
Texas Department of Public Safety
Goose Creek ISD
Community Association Institute 

Recoil Resources

City of San Antonio